Download PK XD - Play with your Friends

PK XD - Play with your Friends - A huge game universe awaits you, in this virtual world you will have no limits except your imagination. Do what you want, have as much fun as you want, look the way you want! Join a community of millions, start your crazy life now. Create your own unique avatar.

You won't have any restrictions, do you want an unusual hair color or wear provocative clothes? Then start experimenting with images right now, and an additional accessory in the form of cat ears or wings will only complement your image. And that you were not bored, get a unique pet, just do not forget to take care of it, and it will become your true companion. Make up your home, just a huge dance floor and be sure to invite friends to celebrate your housewarming.

In addition to unbridled fun in the city and endless ice cream eating, you can play many mini-games, and even compete with other players or friends. Just join the fun virtual life and forget about the troubles, in this world you are "one in the same"!

Download PK XD - Play with your Friends: