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ZEPETO - Join the exciting entertainment in the world of Zepeto, create your own unique-looking copy, and with the help of a huge number of jewelry items, create a unique image to completely personalize your avatar. This game will allow you to release your huge imagination and direct it to create a stunning style and image of your avatar and just have fun with other players or friends, exploring huge worlds and their variety of maps with entertainment. Open up to the whole world, show your unique avatar and taste in style, experiment with changing images and find the best choice to better express yourself as a person. Find best friends with whom you can share different impressions of the world of Zepeto, take unique selfies with your friend, send DMS, sharing various stories and events that you will surely come across. Unleash your creativity and create your first virtual world by adding new items and brand new fashion style, creating your own clothes, nothing will limit you except your own imagination.

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