Download WorkeMon MOD unlimited money

WorkeMon MOD unlimited money — In this game you have to «try on» the role of the boss and manage a huge staffing company. Find the best talent around town and get them jobs. You are a boss-hunter looking for heads that have just come out of universities, try to catch a specialist right on the street! Sign contracts only on terms that are favorable for you, and if the future employee is too proud, then he should reduce his pride a little.

Build up your workforce, train and even fire workers if you find more experienced staff. You can improve your company, open new locations and go hunting, and if you suddenly do not have enough funds to improve or open, you can always use your mother’s credit card. Catch new personnel, train them, expand your company and become the best boss in the whole world!

More money when you spend it!

Download WorkeMon MOD unlimited money: