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Make More! – Idle Manager MOD money — Do you want to make a fortune? Then put others to work! Open your own toy company, hire good workers and watch them work. The more workers, the more productivity, and the more money you will make. Improve your production, employ only the best workers, and enjoy the luxury of the end result. Different factories, different bosses, but the principle is still the same. Knock on the table and yell at your workers, get them moving and speed up the process.

  • ★ Run your own factory — hire workers, and if they can't cope, just replace them with robots.
  • ★ Expand your production — buy new factories and make even more profit.
  • ★ Don't forget to rest — being in power all the time is tiring, automate production and no longer worry about income.
  • ★ Discover as much as you can — over 200 workers, bonus jobs, and lots of trophies.
  • ★ Raise your prestige — Increase levels and get more skilled workers, and with them more money.

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