Download OH~! My Office - Boss Simulation Game MOD money/gems 1.6.21 APK

OH~! My Office — Boss Simulation Game MOD money/gems — Your family company is completely bankrupt, but you can still save it. Try on the image of your boss and get to work! Manage your small office with a heavy grip, or let things run their course. The way you run your office will help you later raise your own company.

Keep an eye out for slackers at work and make sure that every working hour of your employees is spent on hard work only, and that they get things done properly, the Productivity Hammer will help you, use it to speed up the pace of work! For a good job, you’ll get good money, but don’t forget about the investment. Upgrade your office, hire the most skilled workers, and increase your capital several times over!

Download OH~! My Office - Boss Simulation Game MOD money/gems:
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