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Minecraft: Pocket Edition — It is an open world made up of blocks where the player can do anything: create a shelter, build their own settlement, fight monsters, explore mines, tame an animal and much more. The game has several modes: survival, creative, adventure, hardcore, and observation mode. You can generate any of the listed worlds (normal, super flat, custom, big blocks, stretch, and debug mode)

Play solo and immerse yourself in a world with plenty of possibilities. Test your fate, set out to explore the caves, and prepare to face all the horror that will await you there. But don't rush to disappointment, as only the bravest will be able to get their hands on the gems you so desperately need for your equipment.

Mancraft is a world with daily crafting, build your own armour and sword, tools for building and mining materials, build a portal to hell! You can also play together with your friends and participate in all game events, discovering lots of new and interesting content.

Test version of the game! Back up your worlds!
By popular demand, we have added an apk without an integrated music pack.


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