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Minecraft Stable — Welcome to an incredible blocky world where you'll survive, explore a variety of biomes, meet villagers and lots of animals, and fight all the monsters! Hurry up and embark on the most unforgettable adventure of your life, create a world and start your survival!

Endless deserts, majestic mountains, impenetrable jungles, ominous swamps, deep seas and many other equally interesting biomes you will have to explore and visit throughout the game. Each biome has its own special features: different types of animals, useful resources in the form of trees and rocks. Explore the world for the right resources and start your building, whether it's a temporary shelter or a huge settlement. Once you've explored the outside world, you'll also encounter plenty of surprises in the underworld of Hell, and in the fanciful world of Ender, home of the dragon! Hurry up and suit up and get ready for adventure!

The higher apk weight compared to previous versions is due to the added music pack.

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