Download Terraria MOD Immortality/free craft APK

Terraria MOD Immortality/free craft — Dive into this pixelated, multiplayer sandbox and start your adventure now. Play alone or invite 7 of your friends to play together. Build your shelter and go to extract resources. Travel across 20 different biomes, meet 20 unique characters on your way and fight all the monsters around.

Go in for crafting and build yourself weapons, armor and tools that are necessary for the further game. In addition to battles and crafting, you can also do everyday things: go fishing, breed pets, or plant different crops. You can also go down into the dungeon and try to find a lot of treasures there, but remember, the deeper you go, the more terrible and dangerous the monsters will be there.

Immortality and Free Crafting must be activated in the mod menu!
Before starting the game, disconnect the Internet connection!

Download Terraria MOD Immortality/free craft:
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