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Frostborn: Action RPG — The Viking battles are not yet over, the lands of Midgard are filled with dead men, and all the rivers are now burning at the throat. The Aes and the Valkyries are gone, with no one else to defend their lands but you, the valiant yarls! Join the massive battle against the goddess Hel, build your own village, join forces with other yarls, and prepare to fight Hel herself!

Before you begin the war, choose the hero class you would like to play, then your journey as a Viking begins! Develop your village, fortify your positions and get ready to face the enemy! Set out into the cursed wastelands, find rare artifacts, and double your strength! Also, don’t forget to trade with neighboring settlements as well, this will ensure you a reliable and strong relationship! Go on campaigns and gather resources, challenge your enemies and strengthen your position in this war!

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