Download Hexapolis: Turn-based strategy MOD free purchases 1.11.01 APK

Hexapolis: Turn-based strategy MOD free purchases — A medieval turn-based strategy game in which you play the role of a military leader, commanding your own army to gradually rebuild a settlement. Become a master strategist, combining combat and diplomacy to develop friendly relations with neighbouring settlements. Turn a small settlement into an empire under your watchful leadership. Expand your military capabilities by leading an army of epic heroes, brave warriors, agile and skilled archers, and large and fierce dragons. Transform a small colony into a mighty empire, engaging in victorious battles and conquering new territories.

Explore and settle conquered territories to fortify your positions and advance your military enterprise. Gather resources and transform them into technologies that can enhance your colony's capabilities. Challenge intercontinental tribes by engaging in battles with other nations both on land and at sea. Become a world conqueror, embark on new challenges in the game's daily events and show the full power of your civilization by battling a new threat.

Download Hexapolis: Turn-based strategy MOD free purchases:
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