Download Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD many diamonds 5.8.12 APK

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD many diamonds - A fascinating pixel game with rpg elements will immerse you in an ancient world, which is saturated with wars, magic and evil spirits. You will play as one of the heroes who decided to stand up for ordinary citizens and is ready to give his life in valiant battles against monsters.

All the troubles in the ancient city of Tarithiel began when a group of monks combined four elements of the sulfur talisman and awakened a demon right in the depths of the city. It's up to you to gather all your strength in your fist and head into the dungeon to find and destroy all the evil. Kill monsters on your way, find chests of supplies, and improve your skills.

In addition, you can invite your friends and go on an adventure together in the company of 4 people. Try your hand and choose one of the game modes: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno! All locations, monsters, and loot are random, and you'll have to work hard to completely clear a dungeon. Participate in temporary events and get even more valuable rewards.

Download Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD many diamonds:
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