Download Dungeon Survival MOD diamonds/elixir 1.85.1 APK

Dungeon Survival MOD diamonds/elixir - Join the ranks of the confrontation against monsters and mercenaries, a grand and dangerous adventure awaits you. Lead the strongest warriors, plunge into the endless labyrinths of the dungeon, on your shoulders is a great responsibility and an assignment from the King himself. Fight to the death, destroy monsters with your presence alone. Use the unique spells of brave warriors in battle against monsters to overcome obstacles and get as far as possible. Each playthrough will always be different from the previous one, because the game features random generation, which will give you the feeling of always having a new challenge with a new enemy. Dark corners of the dungeon hide great danger, monsters have their own abilities and resistances, support from associates who will hinder you, forcing you to go through difficult times.

Explore new locations where you will meet new enemies. Rare enemies will constantly challenge you to pass each test as efficiently as possible, strive to improve your heroes' equipment. Dress up your warriors in the best equipment, enhance their magical abilities, allowing you to hold the resistance and kill the enemy, in turn-based battles. Promote a squad of brave warriors, make your enemies regret that they upset the balance of the city, lift the curse of the city, destroying the strongest enemies once and for all. Give the city a chance for salvation, break the curse and bring goodness back to the Black Haze, returning back to the King with victorious news.

Download Dungeon Survival MOD diamonds/elixir:
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