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Hustle Castle: Medieval games - This game will send you to the Middle Ages, where you will not just be a "tramp", but a great king! What should the real king do? Of course, drink, walk and have fun! It’s a joke, but nobody will forbid you from this either. Rather, go to the castle, gather a good army, do not forget to feed and train them well, and after each battle, do not forget to patch up. Repel enemy attacks, replenish your treasury, use secret weapons - magic spells and go to conquer territories

Plot - fight hordes of monsters: orcs, trolls, witches, dragons and other evil spirits. Clear the land from the invaders and free the princess! You have to go through 100 levels with monsters, which each time become stronger. Increase your strength and go to battle again to defeat the main boss.

Construction - the construction and fortification of the castle is simply an integral part of the king. Build a castle of dreams, improve rooms, expand and get involved in the design of the castle itself!

Development of residents - your citizens are capable of much, develop their talents and increase revenues for each of the specialties. In addition, you can train your army, increasing the level and increasing power. Increase birth rate, train talented fighter straight from birth!

Multiplayer - like in any other game, the online component has a high priority, but Hustle Castle is superior to all in all respects. Take part in exciting arena battles, get prizes and discover legendary equipment! Attack other players and engage in robbery, let them not sleep anymore at the post. Also participate in temporary events, where you can also purchase unique equipment for your army.

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