Download Castle Rivals - Tower Defense MOD free purchases 1.1.17 APK

Castle Rivals - Tower Defense MOD free purchases — Defend the king against the monsters attacking the castle of the kingdom. With a large army and tactical strategies, you have a good chance of fending off the monsters. Reinforce defensive structures and equip your army with the best equipment to defend against future attacks. More than 30 kinds of heroes are ready to join the ranks of the kingdom, each soldier has a unique ability that you can develop and direct, giving him a unique skill in battle. Upgrade each hero - archers, mages and warriors - combining their skills to withstand the harshest of battles.

At the start of a battle, make sure each hero is in place: warriors with shields can buy time to stop monsters advancing, mages can enhance your army, and archers can accurately shoot arrows at long range, destroying enemy monsters in their initial path. Achieve maximum power and efficiency in battle and improve the strategic castle fortifications on which the heroes are lined up. Defending the castle requires a well thought out strategy, because the placement of each soldier determines its effectiveness against enemy warriors, be prepared for any challenges and difficulties in the waves of battle.

Download Castle Rivals - Tower Defense MOD free purchases:
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