Download Monster Truck Vlad & Niki MOD many coins 1.8.9 APK

Monster Truck Vlad & Niki MOD many coins — Racing for kids with main characters Vlad and Nikita go on an endless challenge in their favourite cars, where everyone will find an impressive racing challenge. Get behind the wheel of a powerful monster truck and start the competition with the heroes, you have an important task, to go to the finish line first. Take care of the fuel that is in every car monster truck, watch in the racing challenge for his counter. Pick up fuel tanks on your way to the finish line that will replenish your supply and keep you from stopping and losing any race. Strive for speed and improve your ride with your new car, and purchase aggressive, unique and brightly coloured monster trucks that will excel with their engine power as you drive.

It's a totally fun racing game, where you can take any car you like and race against your friends. The game has different modes available, tests new levels in which the challenges of passing will become more difficult, more destruction and more power and speed will be required to pass the toughest tests for the racer.

Download Monster Truck Vlad & Niki MOD many coins:
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