Download Medieval Merge: Epic Adventure MOD free purchases 1.37.0 APK

Medieval Merge: Epic Adventure MOD free purchases — Help the heroes of the fantasy world clear territories and restore their world from the curse. All the inhabitants need your help as you solve puzzles to unlock items and resources. Tools are needed to rebuild, clearing overgrown paths leading to new settlements. As you progress through the game you'll meet new villagers who need your help and protect your farm from enemy monsters. Solve each village's problems, help rebuild the homestead and build up a full supply of supplies for the farm using all the tools you have at hand. Create tools and items by combining them into one, thus unlocking a better model, acquiring a new upgrade or a new type of tool.

Explore the world using the weapons you've created in challenges where there's a good chance of encountering enemies in your path. Scour the land to find an abandoned royal castle that holds a lot of gold, enriching your fortune immeasurably. Set out in search of new challenges, as legend has it that there is a red dragon's hut in this world. Be prepared with a hardened sword and armour to fight the dragons in the hope of easing the burden of the surrounding villages.

Download Medieval Merge: Epic Adventure MOD free purchases:
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