Download Merge Tales - Merge 3 Puzzles MOD free purchases 2.5.8 APK

Merge Tales - Merge 3 Puzzles MOD free purchases — An amazing love story of a man and an elf who get an unexpected challenge in their lives. Their love could not last forever, the king separated the princess from the elf, forcing him to go to the elf world to find her and create a home for their offspring. It's up to you to rebuild the magical elf world together, hoping to find the princess and create a better home for their shared child. Solve puzzles by connecting items, elven eggs that will serve as your faithful helpers in discovering new places. A beautiful garden of fantasy creatures is mired in a thick mist that has blocked the life force of the land. Your task is to destroy the fog by healing every scrap of land.

Develop your elven headquarters, using magic to start developing elves to help you deal with the fog and open up the fairy garden territories. Drag and drop elves into one piece, thereby unlocking a new and improved form of elves, filling the area with amazing helpers. Create improved forms of objects, elf houses and other things that will contribute to the evolution of the elf world. More than a hundred puzzles await you, with unexplored territories looming on the horizon, including rare and valuable treasures hidden from direct view.

Download Merge Tales - Merge 3 Puzzles MOD free purchases:
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