Download Wonder Merge MOD Menu 1.4.20 APK

Wonder Merge - Magic Merging and Collecting Games MOD Menu - Immerse yourself in a fantastical world of puzzles and connections, a world of magic that has never needed your help and support more. Restore the balance of life in the tainted lands of the magical world, meet magic and the lovable inhabitants of a magical island. By solving puzzles in your favorite three-in-a-row game genre, connecting objects, collecting and combining eggs, you'll build a magical land all by yourself. Gradually discover new territories of the island, thus lifting the long-standing curse of the island. Restore the magical meadow to its former beauty, together with cute helpers, by combining items together you will unlock a more improved version of it. Cute dragons will help you collect magic dust, which will heal any object in its path.

Improve all your helpers, find eggs and turn them into a magical hand dragon, evolve dragons into a delightful new species. Collect a whole collection of rare magical items, pump them up to the maximum stage of evolution, equip them on your island, making it a beautiful paradise for magical islanders. Keep merging and find new discoveries on the island, each territory of the island is full of surprises and magic. Discover all the territories of Heavenly Meadow completely to save it from the unfortunate curse and give it new life. Collect as many varieties of animals and dragons as you can in your collection and see what evolution can come to.

Use the MOD Menu to get lots of pearls, coins and gems

Download Wonder Merge MOD Menu:
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