Download Merge Battle 3D Dragon Master MOD free purchases 217 APK

Merge Battle 3D Dragon Master MOD free purchases — Solve a vivid 3D puzzle game as you control a squad of dragons and mercenary soldiers and take on your first battle in the arena with mythical creatures! Prepare for exciting battles in the arena, against dragons and knights, pass through stages of battle and face their boss. Create the best strategy for instant winnings by fusing the same dragon species and unlocking an improved and stronger dragon species.

Each dragon fusion changes not only its outer shell, but also its inner shell, giving your dragon more strength and stamina in battles. The next fusion unlocks hidden abilities and warrior skills. Combine with ferocious dragons to form a smashing combination of powers, which will come in handy in the battle phase. Start collecting, add exclusive creatures to your collection, and show the enemy that you are no match for them. Work your way up the ladder from mere mercenaries and dragons, to new species that are only legendary. Become a powerful enemy and strategist, winning tournaments and battles that decide fates. Challenge the strategic battles and show that you have no equal in strength and intelligence.

Download Merge Battle 3D Dragon Master MOD free purchases:
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