Download Marooned MOD lots of golden carrots

Marooned MOD lots of golden carrots — In this game you have to survive in a desert area together with the main character named Ed. How he got here is unknown, but now you must help him, otherwise he will die either of thirst or of hunger. You will not have a knife, clothes, or food with you, you have to find all this yourself. Use whatever you can get your hands on, learn how to craft defense equipment, clothing, and build yourself an overnight stay. Complete missions and get rewards.

In addition to one area, you have to survive in the jungle, swamps and deserts. Each location has special secret missions, for the completion of which you are entitled to pleasant and very useful prizes. Take advantage of everything you can find, go hunting, monitor your health and just hold out as long as you can.

Golden Carrots will appear on first purchase!

Download Marooned MOD lots of golden carrots: