Download Deer Simulator - Animal Family MOD money

Deer Simulator - Animal Family MOD money - Animal simulator, namely forest deer, playing a wild animal you will be left to your own devices. A huge forest with wild animals, caves and abandoned tents, all this is far from human civilization, only nature and only left to you, to explore and survive in the wild environment. Playing as a deer you must understand the risks that await you in the vast wilderness, which is favored by predators, but that should not stop you. In order to survive in the wilderness you must find food, create your own safe zone, find shelter or build your home. Gradually improving the deer's home, you become stronger, because the characteristics of the deer directly depend on its home, which will give more strength and endurance to the horned beast. Complete interesting quests, go through difficulties and research, meeting on your way a huge number of friendly animals, different types of which will amaze you and admire the beauty. Increase the level of the deer for successfully completed missions, the higher the level, the more game opportunities will open to you. In the game you will be able to find a family, find your other half, bring her to your safe haven and have a strong and large family. Little deer will need your help, raise them and they can join your further adventures and battles in the wild forest with you. Transform the reindeer by changing its appearance relying on your taste, become unique and spectacular through extensive customization.

Download Deer Simulator - Animal Family MOD money: