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L.O.S.T — You found yourself on the island without food, water and improvised tools, you need to act immediately, otherwise you will die. Explore a huge island, use the materials at hand: wood, leaves and others to start building tools, weapons, armor, and more. Get busy building your own shelter, go hunting and get yourself water. Monitor your health, thirst and hunger indicators. In addition, there will be other survivors on the island who are in trouble. Who knows if they will become friends or enemies for you.

Upgrade your hero and get ready to fight for precious resources. There are several locations on the island: beach, jungle, volcano, swamps, and you have to explore them all. Try to find something that will help you understand everything, develop, enter into alliances and take a survival course with your friends.

L.O.S.T OBB games: unzip the folder from archive into /sdcard/Android/obb/

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