Download Westland Survival MOD free craft

Westland Survival MOD free craft - Become a part of the Wild West, join adventurers in the heyday of the gold rush. Settle on the lands of the Indians, get ready for a cowboy showdown, build your ranch, explore the territory in search of resources, attack enemies and search trains, hunt buffalo and tame wild horses. But be careful, besides wolves and coyotes, something terrible comes out at night, so be prepared to defend yourself at any moment.

  • ★ Tame wild horses.
  • ★ Create new equipment and items.
  • ★ Hunt animals, cut forests, look for useful mineral.
  • ★ Build your own shelter.
  • ★ Set firefights with bandits.

Scout new territories and equip your ranch, chat with the indigenous inhabitants of this place, explore ghost towns and caves, fight back bandits.

Download Westland Survival MOD free craft: