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Minecraft has a free Android version available for download from the Play shop. The edition allows you to play Mojang in Survival mode, in which the participant creates objects, deals with monsters and other threats. However, there is a time limit: you can only use it for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and you must buy the full version after that period. Also, all the evolution made in the world of this test cannot be transferred to the full version of the game. Once purchased, you have to start from scratch. Before downloading, please note that this firmware is only compatible with Android 4.2 or higher. It is also just under 100 MB in size, which is handy for Wi-Fi networks.


☰ How do I download?

Step 1. Open the Minecraft download page from the website Step 2. Select the Android trial version and click "Download". Step 3. On the app page, click on "Install".

The app will be downloaded to your Android device of choice.

☰ Does this version have creative modes?

It's worth remembering that this trial version blocks access to the creative modes, where you can easily create items and multiplayer to play with other participants. If you want to install Minecraft for free without paying for the updated series, you can access Minecraft Classic, available from Mojang from 2019.

☰ Which modes can I play?

There are four modes that the company officially supports: survival, adventure, creativity and hardcore. The first development is considered the most popular. Здесь нужно самостоятельно добывать ресурсы, а в ночное время бороться с монстрами. Популярность игры ошеломляет. Ее скачивают взрослые и дети во всем мире. Множество возможностей, которые дают платные программы, только подогревают дополнительный интерес к Майнкрафту.

Test version of the game! Back up your worlds!


Download Minecraft - Pocket Edition MOD premium skins:
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