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Hotel Craze™Cooking Game MOD money - Make your mark in the hotel business by creating your own hotel from the ground up without having the slightest experience in the field. Immerse yourself in the fun adventure of growing your hotel business. Try to rise from the ground up on your own and get the grand success that many aspiring hotel entrepreneurs would dream of. Open your first hotel, start managing the hotel personally, and oversee every operation of the hotel. Meeting customers, escorting them to the best rooms in your hotel, giving each guest a variety of hotel services at will and letting them go. Serve the guest until the end, earning cash for their time spent in the hotel.

Serve your customers and earn your first income, invest it by starting to improve the hotel with new facilities and services. Such as the installation of a coffee machine, a variety of beverages, cooking services, and all this in your hotel. Improve the hotel with a new and beautiful design, make it so that your customers do not want to leave you, create a good hotel advertising, which will cause a huge flow of new guests and greatly increase your profits. Show your example of a hotel you can only dream of, expand your opportunities by launching a hotel chain. Start opening hotels all over the world, reach the pinnacle of fame, go down in history as the best hotel in the world, becoming the most successful entrepreneur and tycoon in the hotel business.

Download Hotel Craze™Cooking Game MOD money:
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