Download Hotel Frenzy: Home Design MOD gems/coins/stars 1.0.65 APK

Hotel Frenzy: Home Design MOD gems/coins/stars - Take charge of your own hotel, achieve the greatest heights in customer service in the best place for a short vacation. Work your way up from scratch, welcoming guests to your first hotel, as yet unfurnished and unpopular. It all starts with meeting the client, show what you are capable of, take charge of serving each guest yourself. Show them to their room on time, set up new facilities for a comfortable night in the hotel. Serve quality drinks, delicious food, give them great views from the windows and additional hotel features. Every guest demands the best attention and service, because that's what the hotel's income and rating will depend on.

Give the hotel a name, hire a staff to help you work. Create a close-knit and friendly staff who can easily find an approach to any client. Create a profitable business in your favorite business, conquer a million customers with first-class professionalism, which is only in your grand hotel. Expand your hotel with talents, hire a chef and explore your culinary talents with him, delight your customers with delicious food. Transform the hotel into an element of decor, leave your design footprint in every room of the hotel, prepare to welcome giants into the hotel, prepare for a huge star flow right at the reception desk.

Download Hotel Frenzy: Home Design MOD gems/coins/stars:
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