Download Imposter Smashers Fun io game MOD unlimited coins 1.0.80 APK

Imposter Smashers Fun io game MOD unlimited coins — Spectacular battles in a survival arena, where the winner must survive and remain the sole survivor, among dozens of similar fighters on the battlefield. The arena rules are simple, requiring strength and a little more intelligence than your opponent to win. Use the right items to land the blows that will lead to the inevitable defeat of your opponent and bring you closer to victory. Always keep your eyes on the game in the arena, because here there are no friends and comrades, everyone thinks only about his victory. Try not to meet your opponent and not to catch the counterattack, so as not to lose the arena to the remaining fighters on it. Become the best knockout fighter you can be and show what incredible power you can amass through amplification.

Increase your punching damage with upgrades, crushing enemies in the blink of an eye as you upgrade. Choose a one-of-a-kind hero with a custom look and feel. Switch between different appearances and become the most flamboyant figure in the arena, where your very image will enthrall everyone who comes your way. Impress your enemies with a wide selection of weapons and add to your collection of incredibly large sledgehammers, bludgeons and heavy weapons.

Download Imposter Smashers Fun io game MOD unlimited coins:
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