Download Time of Battle MOD unlimited coins 1.0.6 APK

Time of Battle MOD unlimited coins — Find a new hobby, namely 1 on 1 battles, where it's not about strength, but sleight of hand and cunning to easily outsmart your opponent and lead him to imminent defeat. Experience new possibilities in action battles with the game's fun graphics. You can be anything you want to be, a furry cat with a razor sharp sword or a battle cawoon with a big loaf ready to rip your opponent to shreds. Test yourself in combat by using your wily skills and swift kicks to inflict as much damage as you can on your enemies and snatch the last life from them. Become a cunning fox, outsmart your enemy in battle by driving your opponent to the edge of the arena platform, dropping your inattentive opponent at the right moment, resulting in instant death and subsequent loss of life. Assemble an image for battle, choosing a look that pleases you in the arena.

Upgrade your hero's appearance capabilities, equip yourself with custom epic weapons that will make you a fighter with an incredibly intimidating appearance to your enemies. Complete missions and get valuable rewards for winning battles. Open crates and collect as many different looks as possible, get more unique weapons. Participate in different modes, break into new arenas with more experience, which you can unlock as you progress.

Download Time of Battle MOD unlimited coins:
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