Download Punchy Race: Run & Fight Game MOD unlimited coins 8.14.0 APK

Punchy Race: Run & Fight Game MOD unlimited coins — Join the ranks of record-breaking muscle gainers, compete against other competitors in the arena in a battle for precious weights. Fast weight gain has never been so enjoyable, compete against your rivals. Collect dumbbells in the arena, use extra bonuses in combat, such as double height, to outrun your enemy by times. Defeat enemy blobs with powerful fist strikes, appropriating the blob's power to yourself and becoming even more massive than before. Dominate the arena by picking up sporting equipment of the appropriate colour. Set a fierce example in building muscle mass to all gyms.

Fight the toughest opponents by matching them with the appropriate number of levels. Unlock ranked battles against the main boss. Fight your way through obstacles, punching through walls to unleash your way against the toughest fighter. Your strength and punching speed will help you win the title of champion. Take part in dynamic fights against real players and become the only muscular fighter to face the final boss. Use tricky maneuvers to knock players out of the arena, destroying low level players before they become more muscular for you.

Download Punchy Race: Run & Fight Game MOD unlimited coins:
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