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LOST in BLUE - Another equally thrilling survival game. You've already been lucky enough to survive a plane crash and don't intend to give up so easily. Your starting location is an uninhabited island with wildlife and something else unnatural for human life. Set out to survive on the island, the vast area you'll be able to explore, admiring the beautiful scenery of the wildlife, completely different landscapes in each area will amaze you with its wild beauty.

But this place has already been visited once by man, leaving behind abandoned buildings, laboratories and various materials from distant expeditions, all of which you may have to survive. To survive you need all the time to look for new supplies of resources, equipment and weapons for food or self-defense by animals, mutants, which abound on the island, as well as pirates. Collecting the required number of items and resources take up the first crafting, create shelters from the necessary materials.

Build a camp and protect it with a fortified fence, various armed buildings, as well as do not forget about the weapons, new weapons will help you fight off the threat from the outside. Explore the huge world of PvE content, show how much you can do when there is no safe zone.

Master something new for yourself, immerse yourself in PvP content with other players, create unbeatable alliance alliances, gain support and spend time together with other players from your world. Go to war with the rest of the world, declaring truly spectacular wars on players, over the dominance of these wild territories of the island.

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