Download Spacero: Sci-Fi Hero Shooter MOD immortality/high damage 1.7.19 APK

Spacero: Sci-Fi Hero Shooter MOD immortality/high damage - The great galactic battle is coming and it needs its own hero who will save the galaxy and the universe from the invasion of monsters and other, alien beings. Throw away all your business that you had before, it's not that important anymore, because it's you who can stop the uninvited guests and save the universe. Pick up your cannons and start shredding the crowds of monsters with cutting shots right on target. Proceed through the levels step by step, at the end of each level the main target will be waiting for you, namely the boss, which is not so easy to resist. To better and faster cope with the waves of monsters you have to get stronger with each passing level. By learning new skills, buying new equipment, the best gun from a huge selection and improving them to the maximum performance, so you will have a better chance to fight the strongest forces of enemies. Action game which will give you the best emotions from the battles with monsters, will give you the opportunity to completely transform your hero in each level in a completely different way. Choosing new skills relying on your intuition and strategy, as well as discover new worlds to explore, meet new creatures for endless battle, new enemy robots and deadly installations.

Download Spacero: Sci-Fi Hero Shooter MOD immortality/high damage:
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