Download Grow Swordmaster MOD lots of coins/high damage 2.1.3 APK

Grow Swordmaster MOD lots of coins/high damage — The world is not calm again, monsters are bursting from the bottom of the dungeon to the surface to wreak havoc on all life on earth. You are a hero who has long mastered the edged weapons and is ready to challenge all the monsters, destroying them in a dangerous adventure. Pick up your sword for your first battle, each level has stepped waves of monsters advancing with increasing force. Meet enemies with your upgraded sword and use your hero skills. Unique abilities help you hold back the onslaught of monsters, dealing massive damage to them and weakening them.

Each new level brings with it new challenges and dangers, and with them new locations teeming with monsters. Go to the winter tundra, to the abandoned houses, the desert and the eerie forest, shrouded in darkness of night. Upgrade your hero's strength and potential in battle, unlocking abilities and upgrading every piece of equipment to become stronger than your enemies. As you conquer the dungeons, earn rare rewards and collect legendary weapons to battle monsters and experience the true power of a rare sword.

Download Grow Swordmaster MOD lots of coins/high damage:
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