Download Blocky Cars Online MOD God 'mode

Blocky Cars Online MOD God 'mode — Go to a world where you need to fight not for life, but to death. Blocky Cars Online is not just a shooter, but also a whole carnage on cars, tanks and even super-helicopters. Build yourself a car, install guns on it and go to battle! You will find a beautiful blocky world, with many locations, a choice of blocks and several online modes. Compete with other players, ride and destroy on cars, planes or on foot! Fight online with 8 real players, upgrade your vehicle and travel across 12 colorful pixel worlds.

God mode includes:

  •  — Endless ammo
  •  — Immortality
  •  — Endless fuel
  •  — Super high speed
  •  — Super big jump

Download Blocky Cars Online MOD God 'mode: