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GTA: Chinatown Wars - In this game you have to play for a hero named Huang Li. The story began a long time ago, his family wields an ancient sword that gives them power over the triad. But someone killed his father, and the sword must be transferred to his uncle Kenny, who should own it by inheritance. Suddenly, the hero is attacked and the sword is taken away! You need to help the hero pick up the stolen goods. Embark on this dangerous city, complete all the goals and regain power!

Huang Li again got involved in another adventure. Sad news came to him - his father was killed. It's time to take revenge, but there is still one mission. It is required to transfer a family relic - an ancient sword. According to the traditions of the family, it is owned by the one who is the oldest in age. After the death of his father, they become Uncle Kenny. The condition is required. If you do not pass the sword, there is a chance to lose all the inheritance. The robbers attack the guy and take the weapon. Now the honor of a warrior is his return.The path will be difficult, not entirely legal and bloody, but all this is worth experiencing.

  • If you are interested in action, then it's time to download GTA Chinatown Wars. Basic installation requirements:
  • ●apk is installed;
  • ●the right version of the GTA is located;
  • ●need to download the game;
  • ●obb: unpacking the archive folder in apk.
  • ●game launch.

When unpacking, the cache will occupy 864 MB. Using BlueStacks, you can complete missions in your native language. Using a combination of letters on the keyboard, you can switch to the desired text. All the actions required by the developer for the character will be described in English.

Download GTA: Chinatown Wars:
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