Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider: Anniversary - This story is about one very strong and intelligent girl Lara Croft. The love of archeology was transferred to her from her father, who secretly disappeared. She spent many years trying to find him and now she is going to a new adventure. Everyone thinks her crazy, but Lara turned one work, which will turn her life around. Lara enters into an agreement with Natla, the head of the secret organization, and thus goes far to the mountains, where her adventure begins. Soon the girl realizes that she was just a pawn in the hands of Natla and now you have to help Lara to find all the parts of the artifact before her. In the game you will encounter not only mercenaries, but also with dangerous predators: wolves, alligators, bears, you will have to find alive dreadful dinosaurs and fight not with one boss, but the worst, you will meet with terrible monsters. Visit Peru, Greece, Egypt and even in Atlantis, solve a lot of puzzles and more than once take up arms. The graphics in the game are beautiful, beautiful textures, convenient management and not a little important is well traced model of the heroine.

Installation Instructions:
1 - Download and install APK
2 - Download the ISO file, and move it to a convenient directory
3 - Open APK find the ISO file in the selected directory and start it.

Download Tomb Raider: Anniversary:
DOWNLOAD APKv1.0 (22.2 Mb)