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YouTube — The official YouTube app, enjoy watching videos and music videos even while away from home. The application interface is very convenient to use. You can watch the video and flip through the news without even minimizing it. Leave your comments under the videos and share them with your friends. In addition, the YouTube application has a «broadcast to» function, with which you can display your favorite video on the big screen. You can also conduct your own broadcasts, fully manage your own account, right up to your personal creative studio. For your convenience, the application has convenient navigation:

  • • Main menu — where the videos of your choice are collected, as well as videos of your favorite bloggers;
  • • Navigation menu — everything is collected here: trends, music, video games, news and films;
  • • Subscription menu — here you will find all the channels that you are subscribed to;
  • • Incoming messages menu — in this section all notifications about new videos will be published;
  • • Library menu — here are your recently watched videos, your history, purchases and videos you like.

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