Download StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs 8.56.1 APK

StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs - An app that has the power to discover your talent for singing. Download StarMaker to your Android device and start singing. Not only will this karaoke app help you discover your singing potential, it will give you lots of positive emotions and introduce you to amazing people. Be brave and join the community of millions of karaoke singers.

In StarMaker you will find many songs of different genres as well as many of your favorite and familiar artists. Choose a song you like and try to sing or recite it. In the app, you can edit your singing with special effects. Record your audio, save it, and share it so someone else can sing a duet with you.

StarMaker also has several mini-games, like Draw and Guess, Ludo and more. Call your friends, create separate rooms and have a karaoke battle. Sing a duet with other users, find like-minded people and just get a charge of positive emotions.

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