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Google Translate - Fast and convenient translator, an indispensable assistant for every day. Translate the text in more than 100 different languages, translate also without an Internet connection from 59 languages ​​and vice versa. Voice translation mode, as well as translation using a camera with support for more than 43 languages, just point the camera at the text you need and get the translation. In addition, you can translate even by photo, just import the image in good quality (so that the application can translate the text) into a translator and get a ready translation. And in order not to lose time on entering the text you need into the translator, you just need to circle the text you need and get the translation you need just in an instant! Save translated words in dictionaries for easy reference later. You will no longer have problems understanding languages ​​in other countries, feel free to travel and use the "Google Translator".

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