Download AnTuTu Benchmark 10.2.5 APK

AnTuTu Benchmark - This popular application to test your phone or tablet. AnTuTu tests easily UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I/O and much more, bringing all the characteristics of the screen. For each of the listed items, Antutu exposes assessment by which you can compare with your other devices. It should be borne in mind that performance is also influenced by the temperature of the running applications, etc. That can significantly impair the test parameters.


☰ Do I need to install root rights on my device to use the app?

ᐉ To get started with AnTuTu Benchmark, no third-party manipulation is required, just download the app and get started right away

☰ What does the AnTuTu Benchmark score depend on, is it higher in one case and lower in another?

ᐉ You should be aware that AnTuTu Benchmark scores may depend on how much the device is in use, as the temperature of the device may rise when the device is used for extended periods of time in enhanced performance mode.

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