A dark fantasy with a deep plot and stylish battles is preparing for release in 2025

A dark fantasy with a deep plot and stylish battles is preparing for release in 2025
As part of the State of Play online exhibition organized by Sony on May 31, Chinese studio TipsWorks presented the public with a trailer for the new action game Ballad of Antara, calling it an exciting RPG adventure in a dark fantasy world that has suffered colossal destruction and is awaiting salvation. Traveling from location to location and even crossing the edges of worlds, gamers will try to resist the mysterious Gray Mist, collect Emissaries with unique skills, fight with certain entities, and along the way protect a little girl, whose role in this story has yet to be revealed.

The game is announced as a multi-platform, so everyone will be able to save the world: owners of a computer, Android, iOS and PlayStation 5. It is based on the Unreal Engine, which gives the right to expect cool special effects during numerous battles and beautiful open locations (so far only known, that among them there will be fiery lands and outer space). However, it is difficult to say anything definitively, because TipsWorks promise constant updates to locations, characters and history after the game is released.

Ballad of Antara

The developer, together with the publisher Infold Games, call Ballad of Antara a single-player game, but with the ability for those who wish to switch to a mode that allows two or three players to explore the world around them together. As for the gameplay, most likely, the owners went the beaten path, using the experience of creating their previous game Pascal's Wager.

Ballad of Antara will be distributed using a shareware model, the details of which have not been announced. The release should take place in 2025, but in the meantime you can admire the video posted on YouTube with CGI cut scenes and pieces of gameplay and pre-register in the PlayStation Store (only there for now). There is also an official website with a subscription to updates.
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