Characters from the Clash universe go to battle in the new mobile action game Squad Busters

Characters from the Clash universe go to battle in the new mobile action game Squad Busters
Supercell's sixth game, the fun action game Squad Busters, has received an official release on mobile stores worldwide for download on Android and iOS. Developers have every reason to expect success because:

  • the number of pre-registrations for the game exceeded 30 million before mid-May;
  • during the soft launch, which lasted only a month, Squad Busters managed to be downloaded 5 million times.

Thus, even before the global release on May 29, the game brought its creators about $1.5 million.

Squad Busters

The project came out very dynamic and vibrant, with PvP and PvE battles. During the game, the gamer finds himself in the middle of a large arena with two types of resources. Precious stones need to be collected and accumulated, because they ultimately determine the winner, and gold can be used to purchase fighters. If you get three identical warriors, you can combine them into one giant, increasing the power of your squad.

Resources are received by the one who most successfully destroys mobs, robs bosses and destroys buildings on the map, including those belonging to other players. In this case, the gamer controls the movement and activation of objects, but the squad rushes into attacks automatically.

Each match lasts no more than 2-3 minutes, and the size of the loot box with gems and cards he can open at the end to get new characters and unlock their skills depends on what place the player takes. And don’t be surprised if the cute little one from the beginning of the game turns into an aggressive thug after leveling up!

The interface is simple, clear and familiar to fans of Brawl Stars, which is also a creation of Supercell. But a 10-player match can be a real brain-teaser, requiring you to use all your strategic skills and creative moves. Unpredictable combinations of cards, sudden zigzags of fate and explosive emotions are guaranteed.
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