MMORPG 9 Dreams with lush graphics, an open world and a lot of events is preparing for release

MMORPG 9 Dreams with lush graphics, an open world and a lot of events is preparing for release
The release of the colorful fantasy MMORPG 9 Dreams, scheduled for May 24, is rapidly approaching, but you can still pre-register on the game page on Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS) or leave your address on the official website to receive the required promotional codes with bonuses.

However, even if you are late for the release, don’t be too upset: Esprit Games, the owners of the game, promise that all gamers will receive their rewards at the start. In addition, exclusive events await us, of which there will be so many that the developers had to make an in-game calendar with all the dates, otherwise it would be easy to get lost in them.

If you believe the presentation, gamers will take part in an exciting action with a well-written plot, bright and colorful characters and numerous options for the development of events.

Is your hand missing a blade or a bow? Choose a class for your avatar between Swordsman, Shooter, Spellcaster and Monk and show the demons who have lost their fear who is boss in this dimension! Participate in PvP and PvE battles, storm dungeons, defeat Bosses, team up in guilds with friends and raid neighboring guilds, establishing your dominance! Characters can be strengthened with equipment and artifacts found during the game, as well as their skills can be upgraded, so it won’t be easy. It won't be boring either.

But if you want to take a break from incessant battles, you can sheathe your sword and explore the locations of the luxurious open world. What if you are lucky enough to find your soulmate? In this case, immediately have a magnificent wedding, and then go together to explore a mysterious dungeon, where only lovers will be able to get unique rewards so that they can then live in complete contentment and raise their children.
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