The Division Resurgence tests passed, but its release was pushed back

The Division Resurgence tests passed, but its release was pushed back
Limited closed technical testing on Android of the new mobile game The Division Resurgence, which took place from April 3 to April 5, 2024, involving professional testers and selected players, gave mixed results. On the one hand, the development of the shooter, based on the collected reviews, continues; moreover, it is planned to release it not only on the European and American, but also on the Chinese market. On the other hand, the release is unlikely to take place before late autumn, or even December.

The reasons are not disclosed, but from general statements by Ubisoft representatives, it can be concluded that the developers were not satisfied with the quality of the game at some stages and are going to improve, change and remove them in order to make the gaming experience for users “smoother and more exciting.” Apparently, this will take a lot of time, so gamers will have to be patient and wait for news. You shouldn’t even rely on screenshots unofficially leaked online, since all players who were invited for the test signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Division Resurgence

Let us remind you that The Division Resurgence is a third-person shooter with elements of action and role-playing game with an open world and a dynamic plot. Recently, its creators have been actively adjusting the registration processes for new players and boss mechanics, trying to provide a greater variety of play styles for the character and the uniqueness of the assembly of his equipment, polishing the synergy for playing in a team, but it is obvious that they still have room for development.

The game has a pre-order page on the App Store, which states that it will be available on December 27, but an Ubisoft manager warned not to believe it: the company itself has not decided on a release date yet. If you are lucky, it may happen earlier than the specified period, if you are unlucky, it may happen later.
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