RPG action Aurora7 has released in Japan for download on iOS and Android

RPG action Aurora7 has released in Japan for download on iOS and Android
Old school Aurora7, whose gameplay video a few years ago aroused considerable interest among gamers, has ceased to exist in the English version. Now the old links lead nowhere, and even more so, it is not possible to immerse yourself in it.

But don’t rush to get upset! Mobile MMORPG RPG Aurora7 was released in the Land of the Rising Sun at the end of March, and not only became available for download, but received a very favorable reception from Japanese gamers. In any case, the rise of the action game to TOP-1 in the App Store among other representatives of the genre was very cool and impressive. At the moment, the game can be downloaded not only on iOS, but also on Android on Google Play, but, unfortunately, so far only through Japan, and it is unknown whether a worldwide release is planned in principle.


The developers warn gamers not to expect traditional anime glitch gameplay, but rather to focus on console games. At the moment it is known that players will be presented with:

  • Open world with stunningly beautiful locations;
  • Luxurious 3-D graphics in the spirit of anime;
  • Exciting, well-written plot;
  • Beautiful cut-scenes after completing each level;
  • Large-scale battles in real time.

And of course, we can confidently expect to explore hidden corners, to destroy evil monsters, and to collect gems with equipment. You will be able to interact with other players to trade or create alliances in order to emerge victorious from clashes with enemies in the final PVP.

Characters, mainly anime girls, are knocked out through the gacha system and are actively pumped up, completing missions in automatic mode, so that everyone can provide the player with real assistance in skirmishes with monsters or enemies (no more than 3 combat companions are allowed per mission). By the way, you can switch between them in battle to act more efficiently.
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