New Dark & Darker Mobile: PvE, PvP, pets and treasures

New Dark & Darker Mobile: PvE, PvP, pets and treasures
In anticipation of the release of Dark & Darker Mobile, scheduled for the end of this year, KRAFTON is trying to whet the interest of gamers with teaser trailers showing details of the gameplay.

A multiplayer dungeon crawler game with RPG elements and a medieval fantasy style invites gamers to explore deep caves filled with countless treasures and equally innumerable enemies. The higher the level of the dungeons is, the better the rewards that can be obtained there are, and the more dangerous the challenges are. And the pinnacle of all this will be the last dungeon of maximum difficulty, “Final”.

Dark & Darker Mobile

Dark & Darker Mobile is focused on PvPvE mode. This means focusing on finding treasures, mining expensive ores and completing quests from local merchants that will allow you to obtain higher-level armor and equipment. However, your blade will not have time to rust in its sheath, since the caves are replete with bot enemies, with whom you regularly have to clash. In some caves you can encounter both bots and real opponents, and for fans of the PvP mode there are dungeons in which life-and-death battles are fought only with real players.

An interesting innovation will be the Sidekick system, which will allow gamers to acquire strong AI assistants for traveling through dungeons in case none of their friends are tempted by the opportunity to explore the caves with them. In addition, there is a pet system to enhance certain functions before entering uncharted territory.

Gamers will be able to storm dungeons and crush enemies in one of five guises: Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger or Cleric, each time receiving a certain set of skills, weapons and equipment. Moreover, the number of passive skills will grow along with experience, while only two of the active ones can be used for traveling through caves.

Exactly when the game will be released and how it will be monetized has not been specified yet. But it's almost certain that Dark & Darker Mobile will be available for Android and iOS.
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