Tower of Fantasy heroes will form an alliance with Evangelion to challenge the Angels

Tower of Fantasy heroes will form an alliance with Evangelion to challenge the Angels
Completely ready for battle! Fasten your seat belts and adjust your helmets, the battle will begin any moment!... More precisely, on March 12th, 2024, the popular gacha MMORPG Tower of Fantasy will merge with the cult anime franchise Evangelion to provide gamers with an explosion of new experiences, a new plot and a lot of unique content. By the way, both PC players and owners of Android and iOS mobile devices will be able to get all this.

According to the trailer that has already been shown to fans, the beginning of the chaos will be the 4th and 10th Angels, who broke into the world of Vera and forced the Evangelion pilots, equipped with the deadliest weapons, will fight shoulder to shoulder with the Guardians. But to prove themselves as worthy warriors, the pilots will have to spend some time in the sealed Vera hangar to recharge, and gamers will have to help them prepare for a large-scale battle.

Tower of fantasy and Evangelion

Thanks to the collaboration, players will have the opportunity to:

  • Find themselves at the helm of an ancient combat vehicle, Tower of Fantasy;
  • Take control of an all-terrain vehicle with powerful anti-gravity engines that can conquer any landscape;
  • Add Asuka and Rei to the squad as SSR characters in branded battle armor;
  • Get a pet penguin servant, Pen Pen, who appears in the look of a cute animal clumsily drinking a cocktail through a straw, but can actually cause serious damage to enemies in a fight;
  • Try on new costumes, try out exclusive weapons and use Evangelion themed cosmetics.

The plot of the game will unfold in an open world made in anime style, and gamers will be able to experience group and single quests, epic battles, spectacular simulators and character development. As the developers promised, to create their own unique fighting style, players will be able to change weapons and gameplay style on the fly.

According to unofficial data, only those who have reached a certain level in Tower of Fantasy will be able to experience all the delights of an exciting world on the brink of the Apocalypse, so it makes sense to upgrade your skills while waiting for March 12th.
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