LEGO Fortnite updates unlock the ability to fish, smelt glass and expand villages

LEGO Fortnite updates unlock the ability to fish, smelt glass and expand villages
The popular open-world survival adventure game LEGO Fortnite has received a number of improvements, which its developers from Epic Games have already posted online in a huge patch note. In addition to bug fixes, update 20.30 offers some interesting modes, crafting resources, and more costumes to the villagers.


The waters of LEGO Fortnite, including the Frozen Wastes Coast, The Caverns, and the Dry Valley, are now filled with a dozen new species of aquatic life, including the exotic Lava Stingfish and the Hugging Jellyfish. To catch them, you will have to craft yourself a fishing rod at one of the workbenches, and the richness of the catch, as in life, will depend on the level of equipment (Common-Uncommon-Rare-Epic fishing rods), time of day, weather conditions and the place chosen for fishing.

Update for LEGO Fortnite

The chances of luck will be increased with a crafted bucket with bait, and the higher its rarity, the more valuable fish will gather in the nearby area. The creators advise keeping especially rare catches for yourself, promising that in the future the heroes will have the opportunity to brag about them to other fishermen, while simpler fish can be prepared in a food processor if assembled according to the proposed scheme. In addition to the grill function, the food processor is also equipped with the ability to prepare sushi.

Sand mining

Armed with a Shovel, gamers can mine sand from the shore and then melt it into glass to make windows, as well as spyglass lenses and compass covers, which are also introduced in the update. The first mentioned item will be useful for keeping an eye on particularly annoying competitors and admiring the landscapes while the second one will tell you the directions of the world if the player gets lost during the adventure.


The LEGO style was given to the equipment of Eiri, Iron Man and several others.


  • New villagers have appeared, and the number of villages themselves has increased, of which there can now be up to 4, with five inhabitants in each.
  • New Charms and Recipes have been added.
  • Players have the option to sit on chairs.

Issues that caused characters to spawn inside the foundations of houses and residents to get stuck in water have been resolved, objects no longer disappear from caves, players' stamina recharges properly, and the dynamic platform has been adjusted to rotate and lock correctly. In addition, returning to your world now can be done without fails.
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