Build a spaceship in the Juno: New Origins simulator

Build a spaceship in the Juno: New Origins simulator
The mobile version of the online space simulator Juno: New Origins was released in format for Android and iOS in two versions – free and paid. Let us remind you that the game for PC remains completely paid.

The engineering component plays an important role in the game. Here, gamers will take control of a company engaged in the construction of space rockets, and personally develop the parameters of a future ship for travel in interstellar space, choosing the shape of the wings and the size of the chassis, customizing solar panels and fuel tanks, designing cargo compartments and nose cones in accordance with their ideas about technology, and even choosing the color and texture of the ship's surface. Moreover, after completion of construction, the rocket can be tested to assess how high-quality the vehicle has been created.

Juno New Origins

Gamers are provided with a large set of tools, interactive tutorials showing beginners what and how to build, and the opportunity to develop the technological line in the way they like best. There really are a lot of options; it’s unlikely to follow a template.

All this is not done just for fun. Firstly, in the game you can take and fulfill orders, receive money for them, which will allow your company to prosper. Secondly, when the finished rocket sets off to plow through outer space, you can thoroughly enjoy the view of three-dimensional, well-detailed planets, asteroids and galaxies.

By the way, if you are not very interested in space giants, you can switch to simpler technology and start designing airplanes and cars.

Gamers who played the game on Android have already named it one of the best space simulators on Google Play, but complained about the interface, which will take some getting used to before being able to use it comfortably.
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