Fight your way to the top of the criminal world in the SIN CITY-Godfather strategy

Fight your way to the top of the criminal world in the SIN CITY-Godfather strategy
How does it feel to find out one day that your father is the crime boss running everything in Sin City, and you are essentially the prince (or princess) of the mafia? What is it like, without having time to properly comprehend the first news, to lose a formidable parent in another shootout, and even one that happened right on your birthday? It seems it's time to change my last name and run away from the city so as not to become the next victim! Or... what if you boldly step into the frightening, cruel, but so attractive world of crime, deal with murderers and write your name in the history of the Sin City mafia, heading your father’s business?

The new mobile strategy SIN CITY-Godfather invites everyone to join the redistribution of power on the shadow side of the metropolis.
Participate in clashes between gangs, survive shootouts and make difficult decisions that will either strengthen your reputation, give you experience and raise your influence to a new level, or leave you as a loser.

Invest in upgrading the skills of your organization members to emerge victorious from fights and shootouts. The stronger your rear is, the surer your victory is!

Go to bars, organize huge parties and make useful connections that will help you make your way to the heights of power.

Flirt with luxurious beauties to entice them into an equally luxurious sex scene. But be careful! Sometimes such connections lead to offspring, and don't say we didn't warn you.

If SIN CITY-Godfather has any disadvantages, it is the slightly outdated graphics, which can spoil the impression of the game, and not the most successful interface. In addition, there are in-game purchases with VIP status, but it’s definitely worth trying to play it.

The game became available for download on Android on February 4, appearing on Google Play. Whether it is worth waiting for its version for iOS is still unknown.
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