Warriors, Hunters and Witches in the new Night Crows

Warriors, Hunters and Witches in the new Night Crows
Cross-platform MMORPG Night Crows, the global version of which fans were waiting for at the end of 2023, continues to stir up the interest of gamers with hot news.

Firstly, the South Korean company Wemade, which is developing it, has confirmed a new release date: the game should be released in March of this year, but re-registration is already open. Everyone who completes it on the official website or in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android is promised rewards in the form of 500 thousand gold, a support chest, black wings and other bonuses, so it makes sense to hurry.

Hunter class of Night Crows

Secondly, the creators published a video where they talked about the classes and subclasses that players will deal with:

  • Warrior. You'll get a heavy two-handed sword that comes with more HP and a more impressive weapon, or an ax that provides AoE damage to hits.
  • Swordman. You will arm yourself with either two one-handed swords, with which you will dashingly crush opponents on your way, or a one-handed sword and shield to more effectively defend yourself and your comrades.
  • Hunter. You can choose whether to critically hit your enemies with double daggers or use a bow with the longest attack in Night Crows.
  • Witch. You will hit your enemies with a magic wand with high AoE damage or restore lost health to yourself and your friends with a magic wand.

Each class has two subclasses, within which the hero’s development will take place. By leveling up your character, you will advance him to new levels and perfect a chosen specialization.

Thirdly, it has been confirmed that the global version will support blockchain technology, and auctions where you can buy NFT elements of varying degrees of importance are already taking place on one of the official pages of the game.

Let us remind you that the previous version of Night Crows, which was released in the spring of 2023, regularly finds itself in the top ten MMORPG games on Google Play and the App Store.
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